Andrea Baugher did not discover her love of drawing until college, where she filled the margins of her class notes with inky images of faces and eyes, pensive and preoccupied—a sketched reflection of her own. Like many other artists, her various artistic expressions were a sort of personal journal, each one recording from her life an emotion, a memory, a relationship, or some other enigmatic moment equally impossible to record with the written word.

She stumbled upon her first simple line drawing, "In Humble Worship," the summer after she finished college, and from that point forward began to fill her sketchbook, as one might fill a journal, with the lines of her life.

In 2012 she completed her first commissioned artwork and has since enjoyed giving form to the ideas of others in addition to her own.

Andrea is also a freelance editor, occasional singer and songwriter, and busy mother. She and her husband currently enjoy life with their little family in Columbus, Ohio.

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