I have been privileged to complete several drawings and series of drawings by special request.

Do you have a special person or memory you would like to honor? I can create a drawing for you based on your photographs—or on your own imagination! If you have an idea (or ideas) that you would like to have drawn, please contact me. I'm happy to discuss possibilities with you!

Pricing: Prices for commissioned drawings are based on the size and content of the piece(s). The base price (for 2–3 figures in the drawing) is $45. Matting, taxes, and shipping are additional.

Payment: Once we have agreed on the content and price of your artwork, I will send you a link enabling you to pay for your commissioned piece.

Original vs. Digital: If you have the opportunity to view my original drawings (not prints), you will see the individual lines made by my pen, not visible in the digitally smoothed prints of the drawings. If you order a commissioned piece, you will receive the original. If you would rather have the digitally smoothed print, I add $10 to your price, but you will receive both pieces. Please let me know if this is part of your request.

Rights: Your purchase grants you exclusive rights to your commissioned piece. If you want prints of your piece to be made available for others to purchase, this will lower the price of your piece. Please let me know if this is part of your request. (Note that highly individualized pieces may not be suitable for reprints.)


Recently Commissioned Artwork

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